Year 2022 evaluation

Year 2022 evaluation

The year 2022 was quite successful from the Civic association point of view.

In June, we managed to paint and preserve the inside of the chapel in cooperation with a municipal company.

In August, the laying of the stone paving began. The municipal company started again. With the help of the members of the CA and volunteers it was successfully done. Financially it was quite a challenge. The sponsors were the municipality of Iliašovce (1000 euros), Harichovce (1500 euros), Smižany (2000 euros) , the company Embraco (1500 euros) and our own finances. Without this financial help it would not have been possible. Thank you very much.

We are pleased that the municipality of Smižany has also taken a positive attitude to this matter. Mr. Ján Bdžoch, a native of Harichovice living in the Czech Republic, personally brought us 2000 euros for the restoration of the cartouche. He has already donated a total of 2700 euros. The cartouche is already being worked on and will cost 3200 euros. It is worth remembering that it was found in Smižany and donated to us by the family of Jan Bartos.

In September, the coat of arms of the Čaky family was set into the floor in the middle of the chapel, under which the time box was placed.

On 9th September the consecration of the new bell took place. The cost of the bell was paid by Mrs. Alžbeta Špireková, maiden name Mangerová from Smižany. The bell was cast by the bell-maker Robert Šliz. With the help of local firemen the bell was immediately hung and put into operation.
For the year 2022, 1170 brigade hours were worked. Sincere thanks to everyone for their help.

Well this year (2023) we plan to finish the work around the chapel. We need to close the chapel. We need to have three doors made. The budget for the production is almost 10,000 euros. We will furnish the inside of the chapel and in August we will prepare a celebration for the 250th anniversary of the Sans souci campus.

So God help us.

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